I am a Business and Commercial Affairs consultant, and I provide practical and strategic advice and services to businesses and individuals who are engaged in the business of creating, commissioning, appearing in or exploiting content.  My job is to do the kind of deals and agreements that leave you in happy and commercially successful partnerships.

I handle the wide range of producers’ day-to-day business and commercial affairs needs and deals, ranging from format agreements, option agreements, writers agreements, development agreements, access agreements, distribution agreements, and commercial ventures and agreements for services with any number of people and companies and platforms.  I also handle all forms of business affairs for specific productions, from the broadcaster production agreements and co-production agreements and talent agreements to the distribution agreements and just about everything in between.

As well as the work I do for producers, I work with brand owners to develop and manage their television-facing needs and deals, and I also handle deals and agreements directly for on-screen and radio talent, such as presenter agreements, ‘first-look’/exclusivity arrangements, and for all forms of off-screen ventures, such as publishing and licensing agreements.   I also work with off-screen talent where they need advice and representation in negotiating their commercial positions with producers and broadcasters.

I can advise at every step of the process to help you work out the deal you want to do, and I negotiate and conclude agreements for you relating to all of the above in order to capture the bargains you wish to make on the best terms I can secure for you.

I am always happy to have an initial, no-charge chat to discuss your circumstances and to see if I might be able to help you.